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Universal Thyristor Amplitude controller SD 214






SD 110 3 to 10 A

SD 214 10 to 25 A


Universal Thyristor Amplitude controller SD 110 to 10 A to 25 A







Automatic operating range
220 - 380 Volt, 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Phase Control, 0 - 95 % of voltage
compatible e-m vibrators half-wave drive
other controlsystems on demand

10 Amp to 25 Amp

Potentiometer / or 0 - 10 Volt
adjustable max. amplitude
setting range stepless from zero to max. .
soft start

open to panelmounting
size 260 x 163 x 142 mm


Operating conditions : -10 - +40 ºC, 10 - 80% RH

Subharmonic controller for a dual coil electromagnetic vibrator, which derives both power and timing from a
conventional a.c. line, having a zero crossing detector providing pulses at twice line frequency to a phase control.
The phase control provides a selectively variable pulse width and triggers a frequency divider, which in turn triggers
a divide-by-two-counter. Pulses from each of the phase control, divider and counter are fed to a logic controller which generates plus and minus gate signals. The gate signals alternately fire a pair of oppositely-directed SCR's, each SCR connected in series with one
of the dual coils across the a.c. line. A polarity detector and reset circuit restore the polarity information and
synchronize it with the direction of conduction of the SCR's.

Drawing 1) control input


Scheme of control input to both
amplitude controllers
SD 110 and SD 214


Drawing 2) control input with jumper


This konfiguration with jumper, is using
the internal potentiometer (P-intern) to control the SD110.


Drawing 3) with external potentiometer


This configuration shows how to control
the SD110 with external 10k potentiometer

The P-intern potentiometer reduces the maximum range of the external potentiometer.


Drawing 4) connecting to computer or PLC