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Universele Thyristor regelaar SD110






SD 110 3 to 10 A

SD 214 10 to 25 A


Universele Thyristor regelaar SD110 voor elektromagnetische vibratoren in doseer- en zeefinstallaties

Amplitude regelaar calibreer- en instel vrij
Amplitude regelaar met automatisch toepassingsbereik 180 V tot 440 V






Automatisch regelbereik
220 - 380 Volt, 50 Hz - 60 Hz

Phase Control, 0 - 95 % Volt
kompatibele e-m vibratoren halfwave drive
andere regelsystemen op aanvraag

3 Amp bis 10 Amp

Potentiometer / of 0 - 10 Volt
instellbare amplitude
stappenloos instelbereik van 0 bis Max.
zachte aanloop

open behuizing voor schakelkast inbouw
afmeting 200 x 115 x 57 mm

Bedrijfskondities -10 - +40 ºC, 10 - 80% RH

Schema 1) van de stuuringang

Schema van de stuuringang voor de
amplitude regelaars SD 110 en SD 214

Schema 2) van de stuuringang met brug

Bij deze configuratie met brug dient het onboard potentiometer, (P-intern) voor de instelling van de regelaar. Het regelbereik
ligt tussen 0 en 100%.

Schema 3) met extern potentiometer

Bij deze configuratie dient het
externe potentiometer, P-extern, voor de instelling van de regelaar.

Met P-intern wordt het maximale regelbereik van het externe potentiometer gereduceerd.

Schema 4) voor aansluiting op computer of PLC

Analogue Controlled Thyristor Controllers AC Solid state relay, 1 and 2 pole. Analogue switching for resistive loads. 4-20mA or 0-10V control. Rated operational voltage up to 480V. LED Indication for normal operation and alarm status. IP20 Protection (finger-proof). DIN rail mountable. All types CE marked. What is a Thyristor Controller? Conventional burst-firing control of heater loads results in fairly large temperature swings in both the heater itself and the thyristor junction switching it. Full-cycle control is a method of distributing energy to heaters evenly and at the same time keeping the thyristor junction temperature at a reasonable level. The Carlo Gavazzi thyristors are designed to eliminate the problems of interfacing BMS (Building Management System) or other analogue output controllers to solid state relays (Thyristors) in heating applications. The innovative A/D input circuitry enables full-cycle control of the heater load with linear transfer. Acceptable control inputs are 4-20mA (RN.F.I) or 0-10Vdc (RN.F.V). The voltage-controlled versions require a 24VAC/DC auxiliary supply whilst current controlled versions require no external supply, being loop-powered. The benefits over conventional systems include: Easy installation Reduced wiring Lower cost Space saving Reduced electromagnetic emissions. To ease ordering and installation even further this series is available in both 1 pole and 2 pole versions. The 1 pole version has been overhauled and is now the RJ1P series as below. The benefits of the new series includes: Built in varistor for load over voltage protection Higher operational voltage range - greater flexibility Higher non-rep peak voltage - further protection against transient and voltage spikes (prevent false triggering) Higher dv / dt - better with inductive loads - prevents false operation of SSR The 50A version is only 45mm wide against 90mm for the RN1F Lighter in weight Microprocessor controlled - more linear, better resolution and can be modified for specific applications